About Us

Regifter is a New Zealand owned and operated company based in Christchurch. We provide a marketplace for users to buy and sell unwanted gift cards. Unlike other popular auction sites in NZ we never charge listing fees for people selling their gift card and our sales fee is also lower than our big competitors.

Our Mission

How many times have you received a gift card you didn't really want for a store you rarely shop in? It's estimated about 20% of gift cards are never redeemed which means the New Zealand public are missing out on millions of dollars. We also benefit retailers by getting more people into their stores. We started Regifter to solve that problem. We are New Zealand's online marketplace for sellers to get rid of unwanted gift cards and vouchers and for buyers to pick up discounted gift cards for shops they actually use. I hope you like our service and don't forget, before you go shopping check to see if we have a gift card first, you could find yourself saving 20%. Buy and sell gift cards today.